Advancing Excellence in Science through Gender Equality
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Location: The Tema Institute (Gender Studies), Linköping University, Sweden

Date: 28th and 29th March 2011

icon Briefing Document: Advancing Excellence in Science through Gender Equality

icon Capacity Building Report: Advancing Excellence in Science through Gender Equality

icon Poster Advancing Excellence in Science through Gender Equality

In recent years there have been major policy developments and policy debates on both the search for excellence in science, and the need for more effective gender mainstreaming and gender equality measures. However, these two sets of initiatives have usually been promoted rather separately from each other. This separation has typically applied equally at organisational, national and European levels. This workshop brought together policies and practices on science excellence and gender mainstreaming and gender equality. In particular, it examined how excellence in science can be enhanced through greater gender equality.

The focus was on:

  • excellence and gender equality in science organisations and institutions, especially universities, research institutes, and research councils and funders;
  • what research managers, management, leaders and leadership can do to enhance excellence and promote gender equality at the same time;
  • policy implementation and practices, using examples of successful interventions on excellence and gender equality.

The workshop was designed for science stakeholder organisations and their leaders who wish to develop their policies and practices on excellence, gender mainstreaming and gender equality.

It was facilitated by international gender experts, including Professor Jeff Hearn, Guest Professor Liisa Husu (both Linköping University), Dr Carl Jacobsson (Swedish Research Council), Professor Martina Schraudner (Fraunhofer Institute), and Dr Maya Widmer (Swiss National Science Foundation), Professor Simone Buitendijk (TNO) and provided an opportunity for dialogue between leaders of science organisations and gender experts.


Workshop Presentations

icon Advancing Excellence in Science through Gender Equality - Workshop welcome (Professor Jeff Hearn)

icon Advancing excellence in science through gender equality (Professor Martina Schraudner)

 Implementing gender equality actions in science organisations -examples of proactive European organisations:

icon Gatekeeping of excellence and gender equality (Professor Liisa Husu)

 icon What next for engaging leadership and management in bringing together scientific excellence and gender equality? (Professor Jeff Hearn)

 In addition, a small number of participant genSET stakeholder organisations attending the workshop were offered expert policy mentoring and support, assisted by international gender experts, in order to facilitate the implementation of gender action plans.