Seminar Briefing Documents
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The Briefing Notes were collectively composed by the staff teams of all Consortium partners and put together in a final document by the Portia team.  They were sent to the Science Leaders Panel before the first Consensus Seminar.   A supplement of information was sent to the Panel before the second Consensus Seminar (also available for download).  Notably, they are meant to foster discussion and reflection, rather than give a comprehensive critical review of the field of research into gender questions within science knowledge production.   Much discussion and debate surrounded the Briefing Notes, but unequivocally they provide an invaluable resource of analysis and citation of 120+ academic works on science and gender, in a wide array of interpretations.

After the first Consensus Seminar, a supplement briefing note was compiled on the basis of further information required by the Science Leaders.

Consensus Seminar Briefing Document

Consensus Seminar Briefing Document Supplement

All available references from the 120+ used for the Consensus Seminar documents can be via the Downloads page of this site.