Gender Statement
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Clarification of the genSET position on Gender in Science

1. The genSET Consortium recognises that there are several different perspectives and theories on gender, and that gender research and gender experts come from different intellectual traditions: biological, social, psychological, political etc.

2. We also acknowledge that the relevance and usefulness of gender research findings will vary depending on the target of the intended gender mainstreaming activities.  Relying on just one type of explanation is not sufficient because complex interplay between different factors can contribute to biases and inequalities in science.

3. The support measures created by genSET to increase institutional capacity for gender mainstreaming actions, champion the view that:

3.1 Although more comprehensive explanations of the nature and consequences of the observed inequalities and biases in the position of women and men in science may not be available at present, this does not mean that such inequalities and biases should be accepted as the norm

3.2 There is ample and persuasive evidence available that gender differences, divisions, dynamics and processes can impact at a number of different levels in research and science knowledge-making to necessitate a dialogue between scientists and gender experts to establish a consensus view on the possible consequences for excellence in science.

4.  The genSET support measures are designed to facilitate collaborative and sustained dialogue between scientists and gender experts to produce more complete understandings of how and why inequalities and biases arise and persist in science as a social enterprise, and as a collective body of human knowledge.

5.  The outcome of the dialogue will be better recognition of the challenges and complexity of removing gender inequalities and biases from the structures and processes defining science excellence, and well-reasoned evidence for implementing gender mainstreaming activities.