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genSET stakeholders are science institutions from across 10 sectors. Their role in the project is to increase their capacity to take action on gender. For this, genSET has created three Capacity Building Workshops, each of which will provide extensive mentorship in developing effective gender action plans implementable within their institutions.  Stakeholders have access to gender experts, who can advise on the recommendations of the Consensus Report, and research evidence resources. They are involved in the dialogue with Gender Experts and in dissemination activities.


Stakeholders Institutions

Institutional Representatives

European universities and university research centres

Trustees, vice chancellors, rectors, university presidents, deans and department chairs, senior academics – or the persons nominated by them

Cross-European professional and learned societies and science academies

Decision makers responsible for key institutional functions such as education, funding, diversity, public engagement, innovation, etc.

Scientific and learned journals

Editors, feature writers

European funding agencies, foundations, and research councils

Heads of programmes

Government and European policy bodies

Board members, executive officers, policy advisors, chairs of committees

European industrial and commercial research centres

Heads of research, Heads of human resources

Cross-European science and HE associations

Board members, Heads of programmes, Chairs of committees

Research regulatory and academic qualifications accreditation bodies

Heads of policy, Heads of international programmes

Civil society organisations involved in research

Heads of research, education and public engagement programmes

Human Resources (HR) key policy and decision-making actors

Heads of HR, Talent, Human Capital, Diversity